Here is the place to find all the reviews of this blog.

They are available by alphabetical order of the movies’ titles (one series of letters after another) but beware: a radical choice has been made in the presentation.

It is the original title of the film that is put forward.

So a big chunk of the lists is not in plain English, well, not the first words – if there is an English title, it immediately follows the original one (however, it happens that such an English title does not exist; “L’avventura” or “Dodes’kaden” have been known and screened with their original Italian and Japanese titles and that has not been much of a trouble, it seems; and it could also be the case that the reviewed movie is still unknown in the English-speaking markets).

For films shot in languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, I generally use the transliterations offered both y the website IMDB and by the English-speaking edition of Wikipedia.

A warning about the Japanese films: I apply the rules on family names that the Japanese use on a daily basis, which are the same across nations shaped by the Chinese culture (in addition to Japan and the three movie-producing Chinas – the RPC, Hong Kong, Taiwan – there are South Korea, North Korea and Vietnam). So the first word is the family name, and the other is the first name – just the opposite of what Westerners are used to. As a consequence, I do write about KUROSAWA Akira but not about Akira KUROSAWA.

In a little-known quirk in European languages, Hungarians have actually their names organized in the same, inverted way – but in this case I choose to keep the usual European order (with first names, well, first).

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